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Crunchy,Nutty,Seedy bread

Shauns bread recipe
makes 2 standard sized loaves

850 gr multi seeded bread flour
150gr strong white bread flour
14gr dried easy bake yeast
10gr salt(or to taste)
35 ml veg oil
about 450 ml warm water.(It doesn’t have to be warm but it does speed up the rise)


Using Kenwood dough hook.
Warm the mixing bowl(run the warm tap over the external side of the bowl)
add all the dry ingredients and the oil and mix for a bit.

Add the water gradually(this seems to work better and stops the dough sticking to the hook especially if the mixture is a bit wetter.

Mix for 10mins( if you fancy a go yourself it does no harm to get stuck in with your hands and have a good workout

When mixed remove the dough from the bowl, bring together forming a ball( it should be fairly elastic and test by pressing gently and watch it return to its original shape0 and then slightly oil the inside of the bowl and replace the dough into the oiled bowl( just a bit of oil will stop the dough sticking)

I use some cling film over the top of the bowl so it has some slack in it to allow the dough to rise and not stick.

When the dough has risen to well over the top of the bowl, remove and divide. Knock it back and kneed for a bit. Doesn’t need much. Form into a good shape( slightly oval) without overlaps or hol(e)y bits.

Press into the previously greased 2 x 2lb loaf tins and leave ,covered in a plastic waste bin liner to rise again well over the top of the tins. A good tip is to use the bread tins to press the dough into each of the bread tins.

Before baking spray lightly with water, sprinkle white bread flour over, smooth off with your palm make fairly large slash down top of each loaf( helps rising)

First put a roasting tin on the bottom shelf( for the cold water to be added when the oven is hot enough to make a steamy atmos) put oven on to 220 deg, wait for temperature add about 400-450ml cold water to the roasting tin and bake the bread for 30 mins(check at 25mins .Some ovens are hotter than others) and check for bake. It should be dark brown with a crusty bottom.

Remove . Wait ‘til they have cooled then try a huge slice of bread, butter and home-made strawberry jam . ENJOY!