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colourful pasta!

My new obsession is pasta! bought pasta machine which makes it so easy to do



1 egg to 100g flour


Most of the recipes states 50/50 semolina and type 00. I use 20g semolina and 80g flour. Just to make surre proportions are right I weigh it when adding egg.

it should be 50g. if you do dough for 300g and add 3 eggs which are less that 50g each it is advised to add water to get weight of wet ingredinets to 150g.

Mix flour and egg togetner. Wrap in film and place in fridge for half an hr.

To make colour pasta I cooked 100g spinach in water for 10 min and 1 large carror (seperately)

Blend carrot and spinach seperatelly with hand blender.

again 1 egg/100g flour and blended vegetable. This will require more flour as dough will be sticky due to veggie. Add bit at a time as you will be dusting dough during rolling process. Place in fridge for half an hr.

Roll the pasta dough on pasta maker up to no 6 or by hand to 1mm thick. Cut using Fettuccine shape. let it dry. Cook to your preference.