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Cold proof carrot buns

Makes 15 bread rolls:

10 g fresh yeast
5 do luke warm water
1 tbsp honey
1/2 tsp salt
2 grated carrots or 1 grated courgette
2 eggs (1 for the dough, 1 for brushing the rolls)
1-2 tbsp sunflowerseeds and/or pumpkinseeds
150 g wholemeal flour
600 g plain flour

1) mix the yeast with the water
2) mix in the rest of the ingredients

The dough is a bit liquid and is supposed to be kneaded in the bowl with a spoon.

3) cover the bowl with clingfilm and leave it to prove in the fridge overnight (8-14 hours)

Next day:

1) mix 1 egg with a tiny bit of water and whisk it together.
2) form the bread rolls using 2 spoons (the dough is still quite liquid)
3) brush the rolls with the whisked egg
4) bake the rolls for 15-17 mins at 200°C