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Clive's "chilled sponge" baguette

Chilled sponge

I prefer to do a baguette using a chilled sponge if you set down at least 12 hours before you dough up.

Flour white 100%

yest fresh 1%

water 150%

Mix to a soft batter and place into the fridge.

Next day

Flour white 100%

salt 2.25%

water 54%

sponge as above 50%

Mix to a clear dough with a finished dough temperature of 20 to 21 oc.

Stand in bulk for one hour the dough will be a little on the slack side but it will firm up. Fold and then give 30 mins intermediate proof.

Scale off into 300 gram units and gently mould into shape place onto your well floured cloth with the seam to the top and prove at an ambient temperature covered t avoid skinning.

Prove for 35 to 40 mins and bake on the sole of the oven with a small burst of steam.