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Classic French Bread

125g French flour - Type 55
2.5g finest sea salt
1 pinch of yeast
70 ml cold water

1. Mix to a fully developed dough
2. Stand for 12-16 hrs at room temperature.

500g Shipton's French Flour Type 55
10g Finest sea salt
10g Fresh yeast
195g Sponge - all of what was made
280ml Water
Finished dough temperature 25ºC

1. Mix dough to a fully developed silky dough.
2. Stand covered with a cloth at an ambient temperature for 30-45minutes in bulk.
3. Scale to desired weight and mould to shape.
4. Place on a tray or in a tin and put into a sealed plastic bag to retain as much humidity as possible then prove for 2 hours at room temperature.
5. Remove from bag; score top 3-4 times diagonally with a knife and dust liberally with flour
6. Place into oven 210ºC/410ºF/Gas mark 7 for approximately 25 minutes.

* This product is considerably improved by throwing a small amount of water onto the sole of the oven. To do this safely and without risk of damaging the elements, place a separate baking tray onto bottom of oven when you switch oven on. When the oven and tray are up to temperature, throw half a glass of water onto the tin. The steam generated will help to form the lovely crackly glaze so typical of French loaves.