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Chestnut Mushroom and truffle oil pizza!!

The Dough

To make 10 dough balls each weighing 240g for pizza's you will need the following:

1500g of 00 Shipton Mill flour or any bread flour will do!

39g of good quality sea salt like Maldon

900g of body temp water (i use cold water from the tap then top it up with boiled water from the kettle. DON'T use the warm water tap).

0.5g of dry yeast or 1g of fresh.

For the topping:

find the best tin of plum tomatoes you can. Italian ones are actually the best. Lightly blender them with a little olive oil, basil and salt

a handful of thinly sliced chestnut mushrooms

some fresh thyme


and some truffle oil (you can buy small bottles from some supermarkets, but the white oil from the Truffle Hunter is the best!).


Add the yeast to the water to dissolve for a couple of minutes then you can mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl or mixer. keep mixing until all the water has been incorporated into the flour, about 5-10mins.

Once the dough has been mixed together cover and leave for 10-20mins. Then come back to do the kneading, this way the dough will start to feel more elastic and easier to work with. Keep kneading, stretching, bashing until you have a smooth surface. Then you can either cover the dough for about 6-8hrs depending on the temperature of your kitchen, or what i do is place it in the fridge for at least 24hrs. This gives it a very slow bulk prove and creates more flavour and also it is easier to shape and stretch.

Once you dough has rested for which ever time you have chosen, then you can get the dough out at least 3hrs before you wish to bake.

scrape your dough out of the container / bowl and start to cut into 240g pieces. roll each piece into a ball either in your hands or on the work surface, then place in a tray (i used to use baking trays), and cover and leave for 3hrs!

After 3hrs your dough should look light and relaxed, now its time for PIZZA!!!!

If you have an outdoor over or green egg etc it should be fired up and get it as close to 300-400 degrees C. If you are cooking in the home then you can use the frying pan / grill method or place a baking tray or stone in your oven and get it as hot as you can!

You should be able to stretch out the ball of dough quite easy now. Place the dough ball in some flour or I prefer semolina as this will help it not to stick to the surface when stretching and transferring to your peel! Start by pushing down in the middle of the dough and working towards the edges, then continue all the way around the dough. then place your hands (like a praying motion), in the middle of the circle and gently open your hands stretching the dough further, trying not to press on the outside as this where you get a lovely puffy crust.

Once you have your dough stretched to about 10inches you can start to add your topping!!

Spread out the tomato sauce, then layer on the mushrooms and sprinkle on the fresh thyme. Then add your mozzarella, not too much. Time to bake!

Slide your pizza onto a peel, wooden board, another baking tray, whatever you have that will work then place it into the hot oven! In an oven that is over 300degrees C it will take just a few minutes and you will have to rotate the pizza a couple of times, but if you are doing it in the home oven, then place the pizza in WITHOUT the mozz, and then add this 3-5mins after, once the base has started to puff up, otherwise you will burn the cheese before your base is cooked.

Once it is done get it out the oven and drizzle over the truffle oil, the smell will blow you away! Slice and enjoy!!!!

For a video of how to do this pizza dough and some other recipes check out my You Tube page - Soul Dough (


Edd from Soul Dough Wood Fired Pizza