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Chapatti recipe by a white man with a crepe pan


2 mugs of Shipton Mill finest chapatti flour

1 mug of water (warm or cold no idea if it makes a difference)

a strong arm (or willing nephew)

more flour for rolling and dusting


dump the flour on a flat surface (a bowl would probably be much tidier/cleaner...but less fun)

make a well in the flour

pour in a little water

blend it in

repeat until you can make a nice ball of dough

now the hard work starts...

knead the it in whatever way you know.

my friendly builder from India taught me to use a clenched fist and roll the fist over dough to flatten it, roll it back to a ball and repeat. the knuckle-knead technique perhaps...?

anyways, add a little water each time, the more you knead the dough the more it absorbs

keep going until the consistency looks/feels right and the dough doesn't seem like it will absorb any more water


roll the dough into a large/long sausage shape, cut/tear/pull a golf ball-ish (or smaller) size shape off, use your thumb to make a dent in the ball and then with your trusty rolling pin, roll out your chapatti in as close to a circle as you can (invariably more like a square for me).

liberally sprinkle flour everywhere to keep the dough from sticking to the rolling pin

heat a flat pan (I use a crepe pan which is probably wrong...but it works for me and is all I have)

cook one side for a few mins, turn, cook the other side, turn again and again as required until the bread looks cooked. sometimes it blows up, no idea what you're supposed to do here but I go with the theory the steam is cooking the inside so all good.

eat and eat some more

alternatively, consult the youtube for some more professional/authentic/better advice! :-)