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Bread maker chestnut loaf.


  • White Flour 420 grams
  • Chestnut flour 80 grams
  • Salt 10 grams
  • Dried quick acting yeast 7 grams
  • Water 320 grams

For wholemeal flours I would add 10% more water.


  1. Put the chestnut flour and the yeast into a basin with enough of the water to make a creamy batter.
  2. Put it to one side for 30 mins, this should get the yeast activated and hydrate the chestnut flour.
  3. Place all the other ingredients into the bread machine including the balance of the water.
  4. When the sponge has had its time, put the two together and start the bread maker on a rapid program if this is an option.


I just wanted to say that the chestnut bread recipe worked extremely well. It rose well, with a nice rounded top, tasted very good, and made excellent toast. So we were very pleased, and the recipe goes on our favourites list. I've never strayed so far from the bread machine instruction book before, but this might encourage me to experiment further.