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Basic 100% Rye

My basic 100% rye

The recipe has been adapted from Mini Owen favourite 100% rye bread. This is now my favourite base for any modification and experiments. I can add seeds, use different combinations of flour and spices.

Amounts below are for two "450gr" Pulman tins (used without lid) or for three 1lb loaf tins.


350gr active rye starter at 100% hydration (generously refreshed the night before)

1100gr water

1450gr rye flour. i(t can be 100% dark rye, mixture of dark and light rye if you want a bit lighter loaf)

30gr molasses

30gr malt extract

2 tblsp of bread spice (groung coriander and caravay seeds 50%/50%)

2ts salt


Combine starter, water, molasses, malt and spices then the flour and stir well. Let rest covered.

Three-four hours into the ferment lightly fold with wet hands. Place into a well floured form or oiled baking pans. Cover and let rise.

Don't let it quite Double for it will if conditions are right. Depending on your starter it can take between and hour and three hours for the dough to rise.

Before placing in the oven, use a wet toothpick and dock the loaf all over to release any large bubbles (optional).

Bake in pre-heated to 200°C oven.

You may want to use the lid in the beginning of the baking but it is not necessary. Remove cover after 20 to 25 minutes. Reduce heat to 180°C.

Turn off oven after 1.5 hour or when dough center reaches 93°C, spray with water to get shiny crust and let it cool in the oven.

Cut the next day.