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Aniseed Bread

Flour 500g
Salt 1g
Butter (room temp) 10g
Soft brown sugar 10g
Sponge 10g
Ground Aniseed 3g
Raisins 10g

Flour 500g
Water 75g
Yeast 3g

1. Set the "ferment" by mixing warm (40ºC) water, yeast and flour in a basin.
2. Leave to stand for 15mins.
3. Put sugar, salt, butter and aniseed into a bowl, add warm water and bring together slightly then add the "ferment".
4. Mix a little more and finally add sponge and continue to mix to a fully developed dough (it will be slacker than bread dough but will tighten as it ferments).
5. Add raisins tearing into dough.
6. Put to one side bulk for 1hr.
7. Divide into 300g units, push out gas ad leave to stand for a 15 minute intermediate prove.
8. Final mould then put in a warm moist atmosphere for 35-40 mins.
9. Bake in a preheated oven at 200ºC for 25mins.

Sugar 100g
Water 50g

Boil for 10 mins and then brush over bread (will keep in jam jar in fridge).