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Abigail's white loaf


800 gr shipton mill strong white bread flour

100 gr 00 White flour

650 gr water

2 tablespoons of olive oil and a similar amount of butter

1 tablespoon honey

a few large pinches of salt

three teaspoonfuls of dry yeast


Add the yeast, a few table spoons of the water and honey first and leave for fifteen minutes till frothy

Add the different flours, water, butter, oil and salt mixing with dough hook at 1 for ten minutes. (I have arthritis but this could be done by hand, taking a little longer)

Using your hands make sure the texture is a fairly dry dough and well almalgamated, add extra water or flour as necessary. Cover the dough with a little oil and then leave in a bowl with a lid or otheir covering for an hour.

Push down, turn over and repeat a few times, shape dough into an oblong, then put into well oiled bread 2 1b bread tin, put tin with loaf into large polythene bag and leave for 40 minutes or an hour...but make sure it has risen again! Make determined slash in the middle of the loaf with a breadknife… Just cut down the centre firmly!

preheat fan oven to 230 centigrade for 15 mins and then turn down to 220, add loaf to bake for 35 minutes or until golden brown...temperatures on ovens vary...Remove from tin, Tap base of bread to check for hollow sound to ensure bread is done! Adid to the cooking time if necessary...wait till cool or as long as you can before slicing!

This has an enriched quality about it because of the butter and honey… Which you could always lessen if it's not to your taste...and I like the fact that it's quite subtle and you can taste the quality and flavours of the flours.