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A thin crust pizza that works every time and tastes realy good


237 ml Warm water

292 g Italian White Flour - Type 00 (118)

63 g Semolina

Half tbsp Caster suger

one and half tbsp Extra virgin olive oil

quarter tsp Sea salt

one and half tsp fast action yeast


This recipe makes 4 pizzas about 155 g of dough each.

An hour before making the pizza I make a fire in the pizza oven, spreading the burning wood to the outside of the oven. I aim for a temperature of between 400C and 420C.

I mix the dough in my bread machine which has a pizza dough programme. ( into the machine in the order they are listed in the recipe)

The dough comes out very sticky and needs flour on my hands and the rolling pin. (If you mix it by hand it might need less water).

I oil and flour four pieces of tin foil and divide the dough into 4 pieces. I wipe the work surface with a damp cloth which prevents the tin foil moving around whilst I am rolling out the dough.. I roll out the dough until it is very thin- about 9 inches diameter.

I use a thin layer of Passata, almost up to the edge of the pizza base, sprinkle dried garlic granules, a liberal helping of dried basil, a little salt and pepper and then the topping of your choice, eg precooked garlic mushrooms and sweet potato, chopped anchovies, capers, olives, finishing off with grated Mozzarella cheese ( not too thick or it does not cook thoroughly) I slide the pizza into the oven on the tin foil using a wooden paddle and cook for one and a quarter minutes.

The pizza bubbles up and browns on the top and underneath.