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100% Rye Bread


(optional) 150 to 200g Seeds - your choice - I use Caraway, Sunflower and Pumpkin or combine 2 etc etc

Water for seeds

700ml Water ( warm enough to dissolve treacle)

40ml Black Treacle (Honey is also nice)

1kg 100% Rye

20g salt

15g Instant Yeast

Prepare 2 x 1 lb loaf tins with paper liner - I leave excess paper sticking up as this helps stop loaf creeping over edges - see pictures. (do this before any mixing - your hands will be messy!


Soak seeds in a bowl / cup with enough water to cover

Dissolve treacle in 700ml water

Measure out 1kg flour and add salt to one side of bowl and yeast to other side and give a good mix

Add Water/ Treacle mix to flour and give a good stir - will be very sticky

Turn mixture out onto your work surface - dont worry if there are still dry bits - you will work that out next

Knead for +- 10 minutes - I use a dough scraper in my right hand and scrape and fold, using my left hand to push together. Tip - keep a bowl of water next to left hand and if you keep dipping your hand in water it will not stick so much but you be the judge as this just adds more moisture to mix - You can of course just scape dough off hand at the end as well!

If adding seeds - drain excess water and add to mixture - work it in (knead) 1-2 minutes should be enough

Divide Dough into two and with wet hands shape and smooth to fit loaf tins.

Dont be afraid to gently level out in tin - it will spread but I like it even :)

Generously sprinkle Rye Flour on Top - Give a real professional look!

Cover and let rise (double in height) - my room temp is 22.

30 to 45 minutes before putting in oven put tile in oven and heat to 220 C (also your choice here - does help give a good base )

My pictures are 3 hours rising and are ready for oven! approximately double in height - will not go higher is my experience here.(this is the quick part!)

My cooking time is +-45 minutes. (after 30 minutes in oven I insert a temp probe and let it hit 95C.) If tops start burning turn oven down and rely on temp probe.(turn down to 200 or 190 if scared)

Remove from tins and remove paper.

Put On cooling Rack - I do Cover with cloth = softer Crust - your choice

When Cool - (Rye does like over night - but I make a judgement call here) I slice up and freeze immediately - ziplock bag)

Enjoy when required ! Defrost any way you like.