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100%+ hydration sourdough focaccia

levain the night before:

20g starter

90g canadian flour

90g water


1kg SM Canadian flour

850g water

100g olive oil, the best you can afford

20g salt with 50g water (keep separate)

fermentolyse flour, water, olive oil & levain for an hour.

add dissolved salt and scrunch to incorporate.

do 2 or 3 coil folds to ensure salt in mixed.


every half for 2 hours, do coil folds

leave covered to proof until 30/50% risen

gently pour into a deep lined tin, cover tightly with clingfilm, making sure it doesnt touch the dough.

place in to 6c fridge overnight, 16-20 hours.

preheat oven at hotest for an hour before baking.

drizzle top of focaccia with olive oil and dimple with your fingers. pushing slightly away from yourself each time, and pushing all the way to the bottom of the tin.

at this point you can add any flavours/ingredients (olives, sun dried tomatoes, herbs, etc etc)

bake at 232c for 20 mins with as much steam as you can get.

vent steam and bake for another 20/25 mins until dough reaches at least 95c

lightly drizzle with more oilive oil

allow to cool completely before cutting.