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Shipton Mill StreamThe Mill Stream

Welcome to The Mill Stream.

They say it’s all grist to the mill or that our life is very run of the mill, but the grist and the run are actually vital parts of our lives here. The Mill Stream is an equally important part of life here at Shipton Mill, as it, quite literally, runs through the centre of the mill.

We hope these pages will give you a taste of life in our tranquil Cotswold Valley, of our flour and of the delicious uses it is put to.

And we hope that you find something to interest and insprire you. And when you do, please give it a Star Rating and leave a comment, to help others who follow you.

Dharma of Food

A central spiritual idea from India should govern our attitude towards agriculture, says Vandana Shiva

Added by: tom

Why We Are Organic

We know what "organic" is, but what is less clear is exactly why it's a good thing.

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Starter to Loaf

An inspiring story of a "starter" changing the path of one man's life

Added by: tom

Try rye

It's a whole new baking experience and it’s good for you too.

Added by: NaomiS

Tags: Rye

Thinking of gluten free ... think again

Gluten has been blamed for all sorts of health problems from bloating to tiredness but does the evidence against it stack up? Dr Joan Ransley investigates.

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Tags: Gluten Free

Photography competition entries - June 2014

We had lots of entries to our photography competition, each one illustrating a recipe. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Added by: NaomiS

Great British Loaves

A guest blog from retired police officer turned micro-baker Steve Ackland bringing us loaves inspired by the best of British.

Added by: NaomiS

Organic Yeast

New but old kid back on the block...why you should think about using organic yeast.

Added by: johndownes

DOUGH: Simple Contemporary Bread

This award-winning book by Richard Bertinet is an invaluable guide to making simple, contemporary bread.

Added by: NaomiS

Yeast Cakes.....or Are They Bread?

Cakes as we know them are a thoroughly modern invention and today are usually aerated with either bi-carbonate of soda or baking powder. Prior to this, cakes were leavened with various types of yeast.

Added by: johndownes

A note on hydration

Some technical thoughts on why getting the water right can be the key to unlocking your perfect loaf

Added by: NaomiS

A ramble through the crusty loaf

A look at how the crusty loaf has courted favour in different forms and in different places.

Added by: NaomiS

BBC interview and program about yeast


Added by: johndownes

Radio 4 Interview - The ale-barm method: Worthy of revival or just barmy bread?

John Downes is interviewed by BBC on his research and exploration of the lost art of Celtic ale-barm bread making.

Added by: NaomiS

Breaking Bread

As a recent convert from vegetarianism to veganism Jane Hughes is learning she will need nerves of steel to resolve the question ‘to be or not to be a vegan?’

Added by: johndownes

Should we be concerned about high wheat prices?

Judging by some of the doomsday newspaper headlines about "soaring" and "surging" wheat prices, you might have thought bread may soon become a foodstuff reserved for the upper crust.

Added by: johndownes

The new bread

Homage to the seminal "Tassajara bread book"which is one of the original works on artisanal bread-making.

Added by: johndownes

Salt of the earth salt of the sea

Salt is the new enemy and being reduced in commercial breads. This is a discussion piece about the role of salt in bread-making and health.

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Chestnut flour...what is it and how to use this ancient and delicious local wholefood.

Added by: johndownes

Delicious buns

Buns are a British institution....how to make old -style Bath buns.

Added by: johndownes


what is pumpernickle? how to make it.

Added by: johndownes

soda breads and soda

A history and discovery of soda breads.

Added by: johndownes

Steam, Steamy, Steaming.

The role of steam in baking on a household and commercial level with historical information.

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