Supporting The Soil Association

Throughout the world, preparing and sharing food binds communities, continues tradition and tells the stories of our heritage.

We believe that the best tasting food is responsibly grown, and we want to develop and evolve, pushing the boundaries as to what can be done to improve our environment.

In order to protect our food system and our landscape, we all need to change - and we have already seen that some simple changes can have a positive impact, but it all starts with a mindset. We need to make those changes in order to leave the natural world in a better place than we found it, and to let ecosystems thrive. It’s no longer enough to reduce our impact on the planet, it must be a sustained approach.


With better agricultural practices we can enhance the ability of soils to store carbon, help combat global warming and boost diversity. With our expertise encompassing a passion for a huge variety of grains, milling methods and farming practises, we are playing our part in this change. Our founding philosophies are at the core of everything we make, we always strive for innovation, uncompromised standards and sustainable craftsmanship and because we are not a corporation, we will not be afraid to go against the norm, whilst always guided by our own principles.


Shipton Mill is very proud to encourage the effort by offering to all Soil Association Licensees a 5% discount on all flours , baking equipment and ingredients (valid on all orders during the year).

With Love

The Team at Shipton Mill

The Torosay Project

“Change is vital if we are to stabilise the progression of climate change”. John Lister


How we treat the earth goes well beyond farming practises. To this end, we have developed a 150-year vision for Torosay Hills on the Isle of Mull to encourage the restoration of natural regeneration of a mosaic of habitats to connect up the remnants and allow wildlife to thrive.

We are taking action to help restore the land to its former glory by planting 750,000 native broadleaf trees as part of the regeneration of a Celtic rainforest that once stood upon those hills. This landscape instils awe and has the power to change lives, as well as our perspective on our planet. The forest regeneration will contribute to carbon sequestration, more biodiversity and healthier soils.


What has taken generations to denude will inevitably take generations to restore.

It is hoped that Torosay Hills will become a beacon that represents a commitment to all future generations.

You can read more about our project: