Created with Integrity

The grain ground at Shipton Mill provides flours that are unsurpassed in texture and flavour and have built a well-earned reputation among professional, artisan and home-bakers all over the country.

Provenance is key, both to our values and to the end result for those who use our flour.

It is our pride to source exceptional grains, both home-grown varieties (such as Maris Widgeon) and offerings from agricultural lands all around the world. In keeping with today’s requirements, we supply both stoneground and roller milled flours, both organic and conventional. We also mill a growing range of more unusual, rare and speciality grains.

Traditional grains

We use traditional grains that have not been over hybridised or enhanced, and so the quality of the grain and its suitability for more traditional uses is ideal.

For example, to produce our traditional organic white and wholemeal flours, we use a rare variety of wheat called Maris Widgeon. Traditionally used for thatching because of the long stems on which the heritage wheat varieties bear their grain, it is well suited to the organic system of sustainable farming.

For every acre, Maris Widgeon yields almost half the amount of modern varieties, but its quality and flavour are so excellent we believe it is worth paying a premium to the farmers who continue to grow it.


England has always been part of the ancient trading network of history and wheat has been imported to England for centuries. Whilst Shipton Mill supports the practice of using local ingredients and uses English wheat varieties exclusively in some flours and many of our blends, we also use wheat from all around the world because of its diverse and unusual qualities. As a result, our range of flours covers many continents and is suitable for a wide variety of breads.

We actively support sea-transport as a sustainable practice, and source only the best parcels of wheat we can find on the world market from over thirteen different countries, each of which contribute different qualities and flavours to our flours and breads.