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Shipton Mill - home of gluten free baking

Shipton Mill - New dedicated Gluten-Free facility

We've been making quality flours from naturally gluten-free cereals at Shipton Mill for the last 15 years, including brown rice, chestnuts and buckwheat.  Recently many of our customers have been asking for a range of certified GF flours to cater for their lifestyle choices and allergy issues - and we've responded by building a new gluten-free mill to produce and pack gluten-free flours in a controlled facility.

New range of 15 gluten free flours

Our gluten-free range includes staples from all around the world that have been used alone in traditional diets for centuries.  Over 70% of the world naturally lives on a gluten-free diet - e.g. maize in South America, rice and millet in India - and the food produced from a single grain recipe is often fermented to make it more digestible.  We aim to provide you with choices inspired by these world traditions.  Blend two or more GF flours together according their strengths and flavours, add some starch and a small amount of binder, and discover how you can adapt them to our western style of baking.

More than Gluten-Free

If you're not following a strictly gluten-free diet, why not blend a single GF flour with our conventional range of wheat, rye and ancient grains to produce a new and delicious flavour?  The absence of gluten means that your loaves will rise less, but in cakes, crispbreads, cookies, pancakes and waffles, the flours will excel in flavour and texture.  Try adding sorghum into your shortbreads and chestnut into your dumplings.