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White Flour

Shipton Mill produces a wide variety of excellent white flours suitable for all manner of breads, cakes and pastries.

What is "white" flour

Historically, white flour used to be made by sifting the wholemeal flour through linen or silk sifting cloths to separate the coarse bran and the germ from the creamy white starch hidden within the wheat grain. It was always the preserve of the wealthy. Today, everybody can enjoy white flour and indeed it has become the norm.

How it is made

From the 100% of wholemeal, approximately 25% is sifted off as bran and germ. The remaining fraction is white flour. Usually white flour is actually a creamy colour because it is not bleached in the UK as it is in some other countries ( eg USA).

ALL UK-produced white wheat flour has to be fortified in accordance with the Bread and Flour Act (amended 1998), which states that a small amount of calcium, along with thiamine, iron, and niacin must be added when making white flour, to make up for the loss of a small proportion of nutrients when white flour is made.

The majority of our flours are not fortified, this includes all of our wholemeal flours and also our white spelt.

The benefits

White flour produces a light and easily digestible bread, much in demand. Shipton Mill white flours are produced with quality in mind and are skillfully milled from the best organic and conventional wheat.

Our white flour

Our Traditional organic white flour contains a percentage of the old English wheat Maris Widgeon and has exceptional flavour with a creamy colour reminiscent of more historical white flours. It produces a well flavoured loaf which carries the tradition of home wheat, rare today. Such blends were a favourite of English master bakers of the past.

Our range

Enjoy browsing through our products below, and we will deliver your order direct to your door.

Canadian Strong White Bread Flour (112) -

Canadian Strong White Bread Flour (112)

This flour is perfectly suited to long fermentation breads and sourdoughs, although it can also be used for baking yeasted loaves. The natural strength of the wheat protein helps the dough remain in prime condition....

£1.55 - £15.50
Finest Bakers White Bread Flour - No.1 (101) -

Finest Bakers White Bread Flour - No.1 (101)

This flour is milled from a blend of the finest bread making varieties of UK and continental wheats. The continental wheat is chosen as a part of this blend for its ability to provide greater extensibility to the dough. Milled to a lower than usual ash content, it has a beautiful rich creamy colour.....

£1.55 - £15.50
French Type 45 White Flour (103) -

French Type 45 White Flour (103)

Our type 45 is designed to be used for making fine puff pastry, and is a classic example of a “Farine Supérieure”. This grade of flour is used in France to produce a variety of pastries which require....

£1.55 - £22.50
French Type 55 White Flour (102) -

French Type 55 White Flour (102)

This flour is categorised in France by its ash content, which is where the name “T55” is derived from. We mill this flour from...

£1.55 - £22.50
Heritage Blend - Wholesome White Flour (711) -

Heritage Blend - Wholesome White Flour (711)

“LAMMAS FAYRE” Wholesome White Flour is milled from a unique blend of over 100 heritage wheat varieties grown at neighbouring Cotswold farms....

£3.20 - £38.40
Italian Type 00 White Flour (118) -

Italian Type 00 White Flour (118)

This grade of flour is renowned in Italy for being the very best type for pizza and pasta doughs. In keeping with tradition, we use only a fraction of the whole wheat berry when milling our type 00, in order to create an exceptionally fine.....

£1.55 - £22.50
Organic Ciabatta Flour (107) -

Organic Ciabatta Flour (107)

This type of flour was originally milled as a comparatively coarse, rustic flour in Northern Italy and used for ciabatta, a distinctive loaf which acquired its name because it looked rather like a slipper. Our ciabatta flour is a high protein white wheat flour that......

£1.65 - £22.50
Organic Self-raising White Flour (113) -

Organic Self-raising White Flour (113)

Blended with a specially selected slow acting raising agent, this flour delivers best results when baking cakes or crumpets...

£1.65 - £23.00
Organic Stoneground White Flour (119) -

Organic Stoneground White Flour (119)

It took us years to perfect this stoneground “white” flour, which crosses the divide between a traditional stoneground wholemeal, and a modern white bread flour. We source all the wheat from Grange Farm, Bredon, a local organic grower. We slowly grind the wheat...

Organic White Flour No.4 (105) -

Organic White Flour No.4 (105)

Milled from a blend of continental and English organic wheats, this flour is perfect as the organic option for sourdoughs, yeasted and enriched breads. For this flour, we select organic wheat crops that are.....

£1.65 - £22.50
Organic White Spelt Flour (408) -

Organic White Spelt Flour (408)

Spelt is an ancient grain closely related to Emmer. The origins of spelt can be traced to Neolithic times between 6000 – 5000BC.

£2.90 - £57.25
Soft Cake and Pastry Organic White Flour (117) -

Soft Cake and Pastry Organic White Flour (117)

We mill our soft cake and pastry flour from English organic wheat. The climate provides excellent growing conditions for soft wheats, which are perfectly suited to...

£1.65 - £22.50
Traditional Organic White Flour (704) -

Traditional Organic White Flour (704)

This white flour, with its unique balance of flavours and textures, is our ode to a beautiful heritage English grain called Maris Widgeon. Our millers prepare it in stout elm wood bins. We blend the Maris Widgeon with carefully selected organic wheats from the continent, to create a flour that will give you consistent baking results each time.... **Apologies, 2.5kg bags temporarily unavailable, but coming back soon!**

£1.75 - £3.95
White Spelt Flour (non-organic) (418) -

White Spelt Flour (non-organic) (418)

Spelt is an ancient grain closely related to Emmer. The origins of spelt can be traced to Neolithic times between 6000 – 5000BC.

£2.20 - £39.50

Flour Direct Shop update

Great news - we are now able to offer delivery to the Republic of Ireland again!

For orders placed on our website, we make every effort to include the applicable duty and tax, however there may be additional local duties and taxes that are out of Shipton Mill’s control that you may need to pay in order to receive the goods.
Almost all of our products can be shipped to the Republic of Ireland, with the exception of Olive Oil and Fresh yeast.

Happy baking

The Shipton Millers

Common questions

When will my order be delivered?

We endeavour to despatch your order within 3-5 working days. For orders received before 11am we do our utmost to deliver next working day but this is not guaranteed. More ...

What do you charge for delivery?

We offer Free Delivery to most parts of the country on order values of £30 or more up to a maximum weight of 100kg; standard delivery on orders below £30 is £6. More ...

How can I keep an eye on my orders?

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How should I store my flour and how long will it keep?

Ideally flour should be kept in a sealed container in a cool dry place with stable temperature. Typically white flour has a shelf life from milling of 12 months. Wholemeal flour will be good for 6 months. More ...