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Speciality and Rare Flour

Speciality flours for special purposes, and rare flours for added interest and that unusual twist.

Shipton Mill produces a range of flours which are not generally available on the market, but which add interest and character to bread making.

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Our range

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5 Seed Blend (401) -

5 Seed Blend (401)

This is a special blend of 5 seed mix, this product does not contain any flour. For those who love seeds and cereals to be a major part of their diet, this is an ideal mix containing malted wheat flakes, barley flakes,...

£1.30 - £28.50
Diastatic Malt Flour -

Diastatic Malt Flour

Made from malted barley, diastatic malt is often used to soften the crumb of bread or give a darker crust colour.....

Heritage Blend - Stoneground Wholemeal Organic Flour -

Heritage Blend - Stoneground Wholemeal Organic Flour

"Lammas Fayre" Stoneground Wholemeal flour is milled from a unique blend of over 150 heritage wheat varieties developed by Heritage Harvest and grown at Broadfield Farm, Tetbury, Gloucestershire......

£3.20 - £38.40
Heritage Blend - Wholesome White Organic Flour -

Heritage Blend - Wholesome White Organic Flour

“LAMMAS FAYRE” Wholesome White Flour is milled from a unique blend of over 150 heritage wheat varieties developed by Heritage Harvest and grown at Broadfield Farm, Tetbury, Gloucestershire....

£3.20 - £38.40
Organic Barley Flour -

Organic Barley Flour

One of the earliest cultivated grains, Barley flour has a mild, distinctive and very slightly nutty flavour.

Organic Chapatti Flour -

Organic Chapatti Flour

An organic medium atta flour, perfect for making chapattis and other Indian style breads....

£1.30 - £15.50
Organic Einkorn Wholemeal Flour -

Organic Einkorn Wholemeal Flour

Ein’korn is one of the earliest cultivated varieties of wheat. It differs from modern wheat in that it is genetically distinct and only has single grains on either side of the ear, hence its name Ein’korn from the German 'ein' meaning one...

Organic Emmer Wholemeal Flour (414) -

Organic Emmer Wholemeal Flour (414)

Emmer is a close relative to the Durum wheat and has been grown for centuries in remote parts of Italy........

Organic Fig, Spelt and Pumpkin Seed Flour -

Organic Fig, Spelt and Pumpkin Seed Flour

Our fig, spelt and pumpkin seed flour blend is made using sun-dried Calimyrna figs which are prized for their natural sweetness and flavour, grown near the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey. Harvested by hand....

Organic Irish Soda Coarse Brown Bread Flour (406) -

Organic Irish Soda Coarse Brown Bread Flour (406)

Neither wholemeal nor white, large pieces of rolled whole wheat and bran give the flour a beautiful flecked appearance. Traditionally used for...

Out of stock
Organic Khorasan Flour (413) -

Organic Khorasan Flour (413)

Named after the Khorasan region of Northern Iran, our Khorasan flour is produced from an ancient variety of Durum wheat named ‘Khorasan’. These...

Organic Light Malthouse Flour (301) -

Organic Light Malthouse Flour (301)

A bread flour packed full of flavour due to the delicious blend of malted grains and wheat flour, carefully chosen by us to add a richness and colour to your loaves. Suitable for both yeasted and sourdough breads.....

£1.30 - £15.50
Organic Medium Oatmeal for Biscuits (404) -

Organic Medium Oatmeal for Biscuits (404)

This flour is milled from whole groats to make a coarse oatmeal flour. It is designed to be used in biscuits, and can be......

Organic Pinhead Oats for Porridge (403) -

Organic Pinhead Oats for Porridge (403)

Having removed the husk from the groat each one is cut into 2 or 3 parts, making a coarse "pinhead" oat. Using pinhead oats when baking provides a...

Organic Semolina (507) -

Organic Semolina (507)

Famed in Italy for its use in the production of pasta, Semolina is a fine grit which can be added to a dough to create texture and a great crust....

Organic Spelt Wholemeal Flour (407) -

Organic Spelt Wholemeal Flour (407)

Spelt grain is a cereal that has been found by archaeologists in many prehistoric sites and later became popular in Roman times.

£2.10 - £49.70
Organic Three Malts and Sunflower Brown Flour (705) -

Organic Three Malts and Sunflower Brown Flour (705)

To produce the richness of this flour, whole grains of wheat, rye and barley are steeped in water before being carefully spread on the malting...

£1.30 - £2.85
Organic Wheatgerm and Bran (500g) (508) -

Organic Wheatgerm and Bran (500g) (508)

Beautiful, golden and packed with nutrients. Many people use it as a topping to their breakfast cereals or, if you like, mix in 5% when baking...

Organic White Spelt Flour (408) -

Organic White Spelt Flour (408)

Spelt is an ancient grain closely related to Emmer. The origins of spelt can be traced to Neolithic times between 6000 – 5000BC.

£2.35 - £57.25
Seeded White Organic Flour -

Seeded White Organic Flour

Into each of the five seeds contained in this flour, the plants have concentrated all the nutrients for future life.

Swiss Dark Flour (409) -

Swiss Dark Flour (409)

I first discovered Swiss Dark Flour when visiting the small alpine village of Saas Fee. To find out how the bakers made such delicious breads, I...


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How should I store my flour and how long will it keep?

Ideally flour should be kept in a sealed container in a cool dry place with stable temperature. Typically white flour has a shelf life from milling of 12 months. Wholemeal flour will be good for 6 months. More ...