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Non Wheat, Gluten Free Flours


NOW Available

We now have a limited range of our non-wheat, gluten free flours available to order here.


PLEASE BE AWARE that if you order Gluten Free flour at the same time as other flours, they may be packed together in the same box.


Yes these are GLUTEN FREE but there is a far wider application of these than for use in such a specific niche.

Read more about our Non Wheat Gluten Free Flour

All Purpose Flour (Gluten-Free) (810) -

All Purpose Flour (Gluten-Free) (810)

Shipton Mill gluten-free plain white flour is great for everyday and keeping the cupboard stocked for lots of eventualities...

£2.15 - £28.02
Brown Teff Flour (Gluten-Free) (818) -

Brown Teff Flour (Gluten-Free) (818)

Traditionally fermented and baked into Injeraa, brown teff has a malty flavour. Made using the whole grain it's packed with nutrients and now recognised as a superfood...

£2.50 - £39.86
Out of stock
Gram Flour (Gluten-Free) (813) -

Gram Flour (Gluten-Free) (813)

Made from 100% chana dhal this golden flour helps create volume in your gluten-free bread by adding a welcome boost of protein and fibre, also great for making batters to deep-fry vegetables....

£2.10 - £32.71
Oat Flour (Gluten-Free) (801) -

Oat Flour (Gluten-Free) (801)

A lovely short flour, this will add a great texture to cookies and bread mixes, and can stand in for ground almonds in some of the more expensive ingredients lists....

£2.10 - £28.78
Organic Brown Rice Flour (Gluten-Free) (816) -

Organic Brown Rice Flour (Gluten-Free) (816)

Milled from brown rice grains it is slightly heavier than white rice flour, and has a gentle earthy flavour - sometimes described as 'nutty'....

£2.10 - £29.77
Organic Buckwheat Flour (Gluten-Free) (811) -

Organic Buckwheat Flour (Gluten-Free) (811)

Buckwheat is distantly related to the rhubarb family and is a naturally gluten-free pseudo-grain, it is also a complete protein containing all the amino acids...

£2.10 - £35.00
Organic Chestnut Flour (Gluten-Free) (812) -

Organic Chestnut Flour (Gluten-Free) (812)

Chestnuts are high in protein, naturally sweet and gluten-free. Ours come from France or Italy and are only available seasonally. This sweet flour is perfect for autumn and winter baking....

£4.20 - £104.00
Organic Guar Gum (Gluten-Free) (804) -

Organic Guar Gum (Gluten-Free) (804)

Guar gum is a natural product derived from the endosperm of the guar bean. It is used in small amounts as a binder in gluten-free baking.

Organic Maize Flour (Gluten-Free) (805) -

Organic Maize Flour (Gluten-Free) (805)

Maize flour is finely milled from maize kernels, and is naturally gluten-free and golden yellow adding lovely colour to your recipes....

Organic Maize Grits (Gluten-Free) (806) -

Organic Maize Grits (Gluten-Free) (806)

Essential for a lemon and orange polenta cake - we've been making them for over 25 years and they never fail to delight!...

Organic Millet Flour (Gluten-Free) (814) -

Organic Millet Flour (Gluten-Free) (814)

A medium to fine gluten-free flour milled from the pale, golden seed of a grass, it is high in magnesium and has a lovely creamy texture...

£2.40 - £32.71
Organic Potato Starch (Gluten-Free) (807) -

Organic Potato Starch (Gluten-Free) (807)

Potato starch is obtained by grinding the potato tubers and then washing the pulp with water to remove the fibre and proteins...

Organic Quinoa Flour (Gluten-Free) (815) -

Organic Quinoa Flour (Gluten-Free) (815)

Milled from the finest white quinoa which has long been lauded for its nutritional benefits, this flour is high in protein...

£3.80 - £60.10
Organic Tapioca Starch (Gluten-Free) (808) -

Organic Tapioca Starch (Gluten-Free) (808)

This starch works well as a 30% addition to all the heavier flours, where it lightens the result and also contributes to the binding properties needed for successful gluten-free baking...

Organic White Rice Flour (Gluten-Free) (802) -

Organic White Rice Flour (Gluten-Free) (802)

Made from one of the largest staple grains in the world, this flour is a great all rounder with a neutral taste...

£2.10 - £26.00
Sorghum Flour (Gluten-Free) (817) -

Sorghum Flour (Gluten-Free) (817)

This is a sweet flour ideal for making breads, biscuits and cakes. Also known as a pseudo-grain, sorghum is the seed of a grass similar in size and flavour to millet....

£2.10 - £24.00
White Bread Mix (Gluten-Free) (809) -

White Bread Mix (Gluten-Free) (809)

A well balanced blend of selected gluten-Free flours to make tasty gluten-Free bread.

£2.15 - £30.18
White Teff Flour (Gluten-Free) (803) -

White Teff Flour (Gluten-Free) (803)

Teff is a type of grass, the tiny seeds of which are ground into flour. A high protein and fibre flour suitable for gluten-free cooking. White Teff and Brown teff can be used similarly, both being whole-grain flours but produced from different colour seed varieties.

£2.50 - £39.86
Out of stock

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Dear Customers,

Due to a temporary suspension of some services by couriers, we are currently unable to offer delivery to the Republic of Ireland, or overseas. This is being looked into urgently, and as soon as services resume we’ll update you here. Deliveries to Northern Ireland can now begin again.

If you live in the Republic of Ireland, please don’t order for the moment, as we are unable to get the order to you.


Keep safe and well

The Shipton Millers

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