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Yogurt and milk loaf


Bread flour. Water. Yogurt. Milk. Dried yeast.

Method the following into a bowl ...

300 grams shipton mill organic white bread flour,
300 grams/ml water and
1 gram dried yeast.

Gently mix together until ingreidients come together....cover with cling film and leave overnight. add to this....

50 grams water
100 grams/ml milk aprox.
100 grams plain yogurt.
700 grams flour and 15 grams salt. Blended together.

Mix together and knead for 10 to 15 minutes.....add a little extra water if required.
Now seal bowl with cling film. Leave to rest/proof for 2hrs

Gently knock back, seal bowl again and let rest for further 2 hrs..... You can miss this second proof if you wish.
Now shape your dough, place into a baking tin, and cover with damp tea towel until doubled in size.
Brush or spray with water, and sprinkle with sesame seeds
Place dough into a pre heated oven, at 225 centigrade/gas mark 8 for 30 to 40 mins until golden brown.
I like to place 900 grams dough into tin for the loaf and make the remaining dough into bread rolls, 100 grams each aprox. Bake rolls for 15 mins aprox