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WholeWheat & Toasted Seeded Bread



1 + 1/8 Cup : WATER (tepid)

1.5 TBSP : Skimmed Milk Powder

2 TBSP : Toasted Sesame Oil

2.5 TBSP : Honey

1.25 TSP : Salt

3 Cups : Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour

1.25 TSP : Fast Action Yeast

Seeds and grains:- (To Be Toasted and cooled before adding)

2TBSP BuckWheat Grain(UnRoasted)

3TBSP Sesame Seeds

4 TBSP SunFlower & Pumpkin Seed Mix

2Tbsp Golden Flaxseed

1TBSP TRI Color Quinoa Grain

1TBSP Millet Grain (de shelled)

1Tbsp Chia Seed

1TSP Amaranth Seed

1.1/4TSP Poppy Seed


Toast All seeds & Grains together in a large frying pan till lightly golden , stirring continuously to stop some being over done, allow to fully cool.

Place all the ingredienst out ready, and in their order listed, Place them All in a bread Maker, Adding The dried Yeast Last .

Put it on the Wholewheat setting and sit back and relax :).

This bread is lovely, and is just as nice toasted topped with a generous amount of butter. Enjoy