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Wholemeal Vegan Sweet Potato Paratha


Paratha Dough

  • 2 cups of wholemeal flour (Organic 100% Wholemeal Flour (205) )
  • water


  • 1 large roasted sweet potato
  • Fresh Corriander
  • Himalayan rock salt (to taste)
  • 2-3 tbsp olive oil


  • Tava (indian chappati flate pan) (or a non-stick pan)
  • Flipping spatuala


  1. Roast a large sweet potato for 45 minutes at 200 °c, then peel and mash with a fork adding in the salt, and finely chopped corriander. Allow mixture to completly cool.
  2. Whislt mixture is cooling make a chappati dough with the flour and water mixing until it is a firm dough and then kneed with hands for about 5 minutes. Add more water/flour as needed. ( making the dough the night before and allowing to sit in fridge results in a much crispier and yummier paratha!)
  3. Get a ball of chappati dough (size of a snooker ball) and roll out until it is a about 1cm thick and 10-11cm wide circle.
  4. Next dust your hands with dry flour, and get a similar but smaller sized amount of cooled sweet potato mixture,and shape into a ball with hands (dusting well with flour so that it is not sticky) and place in the centre of the rolled out chappati dough
  5. Next, stretch the chappati so all the edges of the chappati are now gathered at the top and are enclosing the dough (like you would do with cloth) and you have what looks like a stange dough pineapple!
  6. Using a gentle twisting and squeezing action, secure the sweet potatoe bundle and then flatten the top so it now looks like a large a scone .
  7. Genourously dust in flour and then gently roll out, dusting between rolling, until the mixture is roughly 1/2 or 1/3 cm think and about a 17-18cm circle.
  8. Pre heat your tava or non stick pan for 3-4 m inutes or until hot and then turn heat 1/3 down. Carefully place the sweetpotatoe paratha onto the pan and afer about 40secs check if it has started to change colour. If it has, flip over and then spread olive oil or vegan spread over that side.
  9. After 20secs flip over the oiled side onto pan and spread oil over the other side. It should start to turn golden brown and begin to crisp.
  10. After 20-30 seconds flip over one last time leave for about 10 seconds and take off the pan!

Enjoy with guacomole or almond /soya yogurt