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Wholemeal sourdough bread with millet seed

Using a bread maker


Warm water and sour dough starter 440mls

Oil 3 tablespoons

Sugar (soft brown) 2 tablespoons

salt 2 teaspoons

wholemeal flour 700g (try substituting with 150g rye or spelt flour)

millet seeds 3 tablespoons

sunflower seeds 1 tablespoons

Dried yeast 2 teaspoons


Add to the bread maker pan in the order above, or follow instructions for your breadmaker. Most bread makers say that you can’t use sourdough starters but i have found that it works well as described above. I just check the consistency of the dough in the mixing phase and add a bit more flour or liquid as required. Sometimes I take the dough out of the pan and knead a little by hand to get the dough just right. It’s well worth the extra attention and makes a delicious loaf.