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Wholemeal, Cheese & Courgette Scone

300g strong wholemeal flour
200g strong white flour
30g baking powder
85g butter
1tsp salt
1tsp black pepper
1tsp caraway seeds

Mix briefly then beat the following together;

1tbs mustard
1 grated courgette, seeds scraped out and about 200g
100g cheddar
1tbs fresh marjoram

Mix all these ingredients until breadcrumb stage then add;

200ml milk
2 beaten eggs

Mix everything together until fully incorporated then turn out onto a lightly floured worktop, shape and dust the tops with flour. It should be a sticky dough so be quick and handle as little as possible. The strong flour will bind wonderfully with the higher gluten content. Either cut out into circles or simply cut into squares leaving nothing to waste.
Bake @ 200°C until golden and slightly firm with a good spring back. (12-15 minutes)