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White & Wholemeal with a twist

300ml warm water

2tsp easy blend yeast

1tbsp brown sugar

50g soft unsalted butter

Oil and flour for kneading

230g white, 100g wholemeal, 50g spelt, 50g coarse wholemeal, 20 g seed mix flax, pumpkin, sesame, etc

Add yeast, warm water and sugar to bowl and stir until dissolved

Add flour and mix. Squidge in butter and leave for 10 mins

Kneed softly 3 times over 30 mins and leave for 15

Butter and flour a 2lb tin. Place loaf seam down. Leave for 60-90mins

Score bread and dust with spelt. Bake 20 mins at 240°C, 220°fan

Bake 20 mins at 200°C, 180°fan

Rest on wire tray