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White sourdough toast


For the sourdough premix:
- 300g white bread flour
- 180ml water
- 40g sourdough starter

For the main dough:
- 1kg white bread flour
- 500ml water
- 1g dried yeast (4g fresh yeast)


1. Mix the sourdough premix ingredients and leave it over night (10-12 hours) in a warm place, e.g. on the fridge. The dough should rise and double its volume

2. Mix the main dough ingredients together with the sourdough premix. Let it rest 5-10min and after knit for 8min

3. Split the dough in 6-8 balls and put them in rectangle bread moulds. Let them rise 2-3 hours or until they have doubled/triple their volume

4. Put in the oven at 220 degrees 25 min. After this time, take the bread out of the mould and bake for 8min