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White Sourdough Baguettes


200 grams white starter @ 100% hydration

320 grams water

250 grams bread Flour or French flour

250 grams 00 Flour

11 grams of Salt Mix


Mix the 200 grams starter and the 320 grams water Add the two flour amounts Mix well Autolyse at room temperature (around 70F/21C) for two hours Add the 11 grams of salt by sprinkling over the dough mix well

Cover and let dough ferment at room temperature.

Every half hour (every 30 minutes) fold the dough 4 folds in total Cover dough and let it refrigerate overnight.

Shape and leave to prove for one hour Heat oven to 500F/260C. Bake for 15 mins with steam Turn your oven down to 220C 20 mins without steam