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Wheat and Rye Sourdough


  • 50 g sourdough rye starter
  • 300g rye flour
  • 400g wheat bread flour
  • 500-600ml water
  • 2tsb salt
  • 2tsp careway


Day 1 - evening Mix following ingredients and cover with cling foil.

  • 300g rye flour
  • 300ml water
  • 50g rye sourdough starter

Day 2 - morning (after 12 hrs)Save some starter for next time.

Mix in large bowl:

  • rest of the starter
  • 400g wheat bread flour
  • 250-300ml lukewarm wate

Let it rest for approx 8 hours (covered)

Day 2 - evening

knead dough for 15 minutes

Put it into proving basket and let it rise in the fridge overnight.

Day 3 - morning

  • remove from fridge few hours before baking
  • preheat oven 230C (baking stone) 40 minutes
  • bake for 40 minutes

Pour 300ml of boiling water into the oven to make some steam immediately after the bread.