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What flour for Panettone?


My name is Nicholas and I require some info on your flours, particularly those similar to Italian 00 flours with a high protein content suitable for long fermentation periods.

It seems that your Italian 00 or Canadian flour suits this best.

For Panettone, it will undergo a lengthy, 2 day fermentation process with a sourdough starter. 1st fermentation will take around 13 to 14 hours, whereby more flour and eggs, etc..... will be added and it will undergo a further 10 hour fermentation.

There will be quite a bit of fat incorporated into the dough.

The flour that I used to use with this recipe is from Molina Quaglia from Italy , and it was designed for Panettone with 14 to 15% protein content.

If you could recommend a suitable flour for me to use that is as close as possible to this kind of Italian flour, that would be great!


The Ciabatta flour is the best for the Panettone.

I have used it for this process and found it to be satisfactory for the long fermentation needed, although it must be said I have never achieved the taste and texture that still lingers in my mouth of the Loison product I have tried to emulate.

Looks right but something missing. Let me know if you find it!

Best of luck

Clive Mellum