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very tasty wheat/rye sourdough

mix and leave to ferment for around 12 h to 16 h somewhere warm

80 gr swiss dark flour

80 water (45 degrees Celsius)

10 g sourdough starter from the fridge

add to this

30 gr swiss dark flour leave further 3 to 4h until sourdough is very active

30 gr water

main dough

500 gr french white T55 (or similar flour)

250 gr dark rye 1350 leave to autolyse for 30 minutes after mixing

500ml to 520 ml water

now add

230 gr of sourdough

20gr salt

mix for around 7 minutes on low speed and 2 to 3 minutes on higher speed

dough should still be slightly loose

rest for 20 minutes

stretch and fold dough several times to strenghten

leave 2 to 3 h at warm room temperature

put in plastic container for 15h to 18h in fridge( 6 to 8 C ).The dough should double in size.

shape gently into 2 loafes or 1 large loaf and place in fermentation baskets . Leave for further 12h to 18 h in fridge to mature

when ready to bake

preheat oven to 250 C . You can either bake on very well preheated baking stone with lots of steam or in dutch oven .

Score loaf on top and place directly from fridge into dutch oven with lid on or on baking stone . The bread rises better in a dutch oven. After 25minutes remove the lid and lower the temperature to 220 C and bake until golden brown for a further 25 to 35 minutes .