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Vegan Leek Cake


Cake Base

50g organic Wheat Flour
50ml Water
1/2 Table spoon dry yeast

500g organic Wheat Flour
50ml Olive Oil
10g Salt


100g Cashew Nuts
25g Hemp Seeds
Salt and Pepper, Lemon juice (and Mustard) to taste
Some Nutmeg and ground Cumin
1 good sized organic Leek


Get the dough started

Mix the 50g organic Wheat Flour, 50ml Water and 1/2 Table spoon dry yeast and stir gently until the mix looks homogenous
Leave for 30min, until it starts getting bubbly

Prepare the topping

Blend 100g Cashew Nuts and 25g Hemp Seeds thoroughly with a strong blender until it turns into a smooth cream.
Add Salt and Pepper, a trinkle of lemon juice, and some Nutmeg and ground Cumin to taste. A little hint of mustard adds some more flavour.

Chop the Leek into fine rings. If you like you can blend some Leek into the Cashew/ Hemp Seed mix.

Back to the Base

Add 500g organic Wheat Flour, 50ml Olive Oil and 10g Salt and blend everything to a strong dough.
Knead excessively.
Grease it and roll it thinly into squares to fit 2 baking trays.
Leave it to rest in the oven for 1 hour.


Apply Cashew/ Hemp Seed cream thinly on the dough bases and sprinkle Leek rings on top.
Bake at 220C for between 30 – 45 minutes.

Crust needs to be crisp for maximum enjoyment!