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Vanilla muffin Recipe

Vanilla Muffin mix is in a powder form premix and easy to make the Vanilla cake after mixing the oil, water, Cake gel and Egg at desired level you will get the best quality product.

We are the Manufacturer and Supplier of finest quality Vanilla Muffin Mix in India from SwissBake, our vanilla muffin mix gives you moist, fluffy muffins with endless flovour option. Enjoy them or add mix-ins of your choice to the batter: fruit, chocolate chips, raisins, dried cherries, and more.

Baker Recipe for Vanilla Muffin

Fresh Eggs 400 gm
Shortening (Oil) 340 gm
Water 220 gm

Baking Method

Put Vanilla Muffin Mix, eggs and water in mixing bowl
Mixing on low speed for 3 min
Scrap the batter, Add oil & Stir slowly for 1 min
Mixing on medium speed for 5 min
Scale batter into muffin cups or baking tray
Bake at 200º C to 180º C falling around 20 to 30 min

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