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Traditional Italian Pizza Dough


210g Italian Type 00 White Flour (118)

40g Organic Semolina (507)

145g water

15g Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4g Salt

3g Yeast


In a large mixing bowl combine the flour, semolina and yeast and mix well.

Add the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and water followed by the salt and place in a stand mixer on a slow speed for approximately 8 minutes until it forms a smooth silky ball.

Lightly oil a small kitchen bag and add the dough ball into this and place the bag into the fridge for approximately 48hrs to develop the flavour.

On the third day take the dough out and leave to sit on the side for approximately 6hrs to get up to room temperature.

Pat the dough ball dry using some kitchen towel and then form the dough into a tight ball.

Sprinkle some Organic Semolina (507) on to a baking tray, roll the dough into this and then pat into a round pizza shape using your finger tips flipping the dough frequently to make sure any wet patches are covered in Semolina.

Cover with pizza sauce and add toppings to suit your own personal tastes and share.