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Three Malts with Marmite


300g of Three Malts and Sunflower

200g Warm water (or may be more as the flour is quite absorbant but no more than 220g)

Yeast (depending on your preference but a 7g sachet of dried/easybake mixed into the flour works fine)

6g Salt

A dessert spoon of Marmiite (Other yeast extract based products are available)


Combine the dry ingredents (so NOT the Marmite)

Mix the Marmite with the water until it dissolves.

Add the dry to the wet and stir until combined.

I use the Emmanual Hadjiandreou method so a quick knead every 10 minutes 4 times.

An hours rising then a punch down, then 40 mins.

Then into the hottest oven you can get and drop the heat down to 200 C.

Half an hour and you're all done!

Great with just butter or soft mild cheese, not so great with Marmalade, trust me I've tried.