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Three Malts & Sunflower Cob


480g Shipton Mill Three Malts & Sunflower flour

120g Shipton Mill White Spelt flour

1.5 tsp yeast (saf levure)

2tsp sugar

2 tbsp oil

1.5 tsp salt

350ml water


I made the dough in my bread maker on granary dough mode.

I always use saf levure yeast which uses a different method to the usual routine in a bread maker, as follows.

Place tepid water, sugar and yeast in pan first and swish round. Add the flours and then add oil and salt. Let it do it's thing in the bread maker. When the dough is ready, leave to prove in a basket or bowl. Tip out onto a baking tray and leave to prove for another short while. Cook in preheated oven 190 degrees for approximately half an hour! Enjoy!!