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Three Malts and Sunflower bread

For the recipe I will be using a sourdough starter that is fed from the day before. Once the starter is almost double in size and you can see air boubles is ready to be used.

For the bread I will be using:

150gr of Three Malts and Sunflower Brown Flour.

150gr of white strong bread flour.

150gr of white sourdough starter. Instant yeast can be used instead.

1 table spoon of salt.

200gr of water heated up to 25 degrees Celsius.

Starting the bread.

Put all the flour and the water in a mixing bowl and mix them well with a fork. Cover the bowl and leave it on the side for 30min.

After this time put the starter in the mixture and using your hands mix the dough well add the salt and carry on mixing the dough for 5 min. You just need everything incorporated well, the dough needs to be a bit wet gloopy almost. The water can be adjusted depending on the flour you use. Usually start with a bit less water and adjust.

leave the dough on the side and after about an hour mix the dough try to stretch it and fold it trying to develop the gluten. This step is repeated 3 times after about an hour. As you do this you will see the dough getting firmer.

Depending on the temperature of the room the dough can take even 8 hours to double up. Don’t put the dough near a radiator or other source of heat as you can kill the yeasts.

At the end is a sourdough and the longer it ferments the better it tastes.

Once the dough is increased in volume then you can pour it on the floured surface. As you pour the dough is stretching and this is what you want to do.

After on the surface you stretch the sides and fold them. You want to have the smooth surface on top and try to tuck the dough underneath stretching the dough a bit without tearing it.

I usually put the dough on a small bread baking tin that I have put some grease proof papper and spread some semolina flour.

Make sure that the dough in the tin not to cover all the tin as the dough will expand again.

Cover the tin and let the dough to raise again, you can press it in the middle with your finger and should raise back up again slowly. If you want to debelow the taste further cover the dough and leave it in the fridge.

Preheat the oven on 180 degrees Celsius with a tray of water on the bottom.

Once the oven is preheated, make a cut on the dough in order to let it expand or otherwise will burst on the top as is baking.

depending on the oven will take about 50 minutes to cook the bread. After this time remove the bread from the form and let it cook for another 5-10 minutes.