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The Venezia Piccola otherwise known as the Little Venic Loaf


200g white spelt flour

200g wholemeal spelt flour

7g organic Shipton Mill yeast (dried)

glug of olive oil, rapeseed oil, or whatever is to hand


Sugar - whatever is to hand - we like date syrup, molasses, or honey

Seeds - again whatever is around - we like linseed, pumkin, poppy (used also as decoration) and linseed.

around 220mls of water (we use a large glass) and sometimes fill it with half apple jiuce depending on the mood


Mix it all together and kneed. Prove for a couple of hours.

Knock it back.

Put in a tin and cover. I like pressing more seeds into the top at this point so they slip into cracks and creases of the loaf as it begins to rise.

After about an hour (when risen) stick it in a hot oven (230 degrees) for around 25 minutes. And then it's done.

Besy enjoyed with homemade marmalade or avocado with olive oil.