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The Marshfield Loaf


300g Strong white bread flour

200g Seeded white bread flour

10g salt

10g sugar or honey

1tbsp butter

7g instant yeast

200g tepid water

100g milk


Add all the floor to a mixing bowl. Split the flour down the middle with a dough scraper adding the salt and sugar to one side and the yeast to the other. Being careful to keep them separated, mix into the flour then bring it all together.

Add the butter, breaking it into small pieces, then work through the flour with your thumbs and forefingers. Add the wet ingredients and bring together. Turn out and knead for 10 mins.

Leave to prove in the bowl with the lid or cling film on until doubled in size.

Turn out and shape. Aim to stretch the top layer over by folding the dough under and into itself.

Prove again for around 1.5hrs

Score and top with seeds as desired then bake at 220c for 30 mins.


Jonathan (Marshfield near Bath)