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"The Irishman" by Steve Ackland



  1. Ideally, set a batter the night (or at least 4hrs) before baking comprising 450g Canadian Flour and 50g dark Rye. Add all the yeast and all the water (use cool water, especially if leaving it overnight) and leave in a cool place.
  2. The following morning add the rest of the ingredients and develop to a dough either by hand or in a mixer with a dough hook.
  3. Rest for about an hour (or until doubled in size) in a warm kitchen.
  4. Deflate the rested dough and scale to required size (I find either 2 large or 3 smaller loaves work well). Form into balls and rest a further 10 minutes.
  5. Shape as desired and place into tins/baskets or onto a floured cloth. Leave to prove (about 40 minutes)
  6. Bake in a very hot oven for 10 minutes then reduce the heat to about Gas 6 for a further 30 minutes. The loaves should sound hollow when tapped underneath. If not give them a few minutes longer. Try and provide steam into the hot oven initially to help the crust.

The long slow overnight fermentation really seems to help the flavour develop.