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Tea cakes


520 g strong white flour

300g of warm milk

40g of veg oil

150g of sultanas

zest of one lemon

5g salt

2tsp ground allspice

1tsp ground cinnamon

60 g granulated sugar

1 large egg

20g fresh yeast


combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly for 10mins if using a stand mixer with dough hook. 15 mins hand kneading if you're strong.

turn dough our onto a lightly floured surface and combine into a ball

place into a well oil bowl and cover with tea tow with a plastic bag on top and leave for 1 hour or until doug has doubled in size.

turn out on to lightly floured surface and divide into 10 equal balls

flatten balls to around 2cm thickness and prove on a baking tray covered with tea towel and plastic bag for a furth hour

bake in the oven 190c (fan) for 15mins

place on a cooling wire