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Super Six' mixed flour loaf with extra seeds.


2 teaspoons Bioreal Organic Dried Yeast

160 grams Shipton Mill Organic 3 Malts & Sunflower Brown Flour (40%)

80 grams Shipton Mill Traditional Organic White Flour (20%)

40 grams Shipton Mill Light Rye Organic Flour (10%)

40 grams Shipton Mill Organic White Spelt Flour (10%)

40 grams Shipton Mill Organic Wholemeal Spelt Flour (10%)

40 grams Shipton Mill Extra Coarse Organic Wholemeal Flour (10%)

That is 100% of the flours, I then add a further 10%, (in this case 40 grams) of Shipton Mill 5 seed blend for extra crunch!

2 teaspoons unrefined Demerera sugar (2 of white sugar alternatively)

2 teaspoons sea salt (1 1/2 of table salt alternatively)

15 grams of organic butter

300ml of water (includes 5-10ml of lemon juice)


We have a Panasonic bread maker which we use for all our bread. In the Panasonic you would load the machine in the order the ingredients are listed. it may vary for other manufacturers machines. This recipe if for a 400 gram loaf. I include the percentage value for anyone wanting to do a larger loaf to help work out the quantities.Cool and serve.

We use menu 4 on our machine which is a 5 hour wholemeal setting.