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Super Seeded Organic White & Barley Sourdough


Makes 2 loaves

900g Shipton Traditional Organic White Flour (704)
100g barley flour
18g salt (1.8%)
700g water (70%)
80g high performance starter (8%)
150g 5 seed blend (15%) (I soak my seeds for a minimum of 5 days and always have some in a jar in the fridge)


  1. Drain seeds and leave to drain until you're ready to use
  2. Autolyse for up to 2 hours
  3. Add salt and starter (starter must be active)
  4. Mix for a short time until dough is elastic and plump
  5. Fermentation 6 hours (somewhere warm or in a proofer)
  6. Strengthen dough halfway through fermentation
  7. Pre-shape
  8. Rest (the dough!)
  9. Final shape (I sprinkled seeds on the counter and on the dough during final shaping)
  10. Place dough in lined bannetons (I line my bannetons with a lightweight muslin)
  11. Place somewhere warm or in a proofer for 1 hour, covered
  12. Overnight in fridge (1 to 5C)
  13. In the morning, if dough has proved proceed to step 15
  14. If dough isn't proved, place banneton somewhere warm until proved.
  15. Turn out dough onto paddle or baking sheet with a sheet of silicon or greaseproof paper
  16. Slash dough
  17. Bake in a max preheated oven (23O C) with steam for a total of 35-40 mins. (The first 10 mins uncovered. Remaining time covered with foil. The final 2 minutes uncovered if you prefer a browner loaf)
  18. Sourdough is ready at 93 C
  19. Cool on wire rack
  20. Click on the close up photos of the crumb and see how shiny the crumb is in the big holes. Just one of the signs of an authentic sourdough