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Sunflour and wholemeal Sourdough loaf

Mix two tablespoons of the 'mother' - mine lives in the fridge which seems to work and reduces waste - add 50gm of warm water and 100gm of the suflour and wholemeal flour, mix and cover, leave over night. Should double in size.

In the morning add 280gm of warm water to the starter and mix thoroughly - add this to 500gm of the flour. Mix and autolyse for 20mins - then add 20gm of water mixed with 8gm of salt. Knead and rest till it doubles in size - normally around 3-4hours. Knock back and shape - leave for another 2-3 hours.

My oven is 250 flat out and I use a makeshift Dutch oven with an upturned steel casserole pan on top of a pizza stone.

Bake at 250 for 20 mins

Remove Dutch oven and turn down to 220 for 10-15 mins depending on how brown you want the crust

I turn the loaf over for another 5 mins to give the base a bit of heat.

If you can access the photo you will see its got a good sourdough look about it with plenty of holes. Makes great toast 2 days old and the sunflour works well with honey.