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Steamed buns, slow, no knead

150g plain flour
quarter teaspoon dried yeast
1 tablespoon sugar
quarter teaspoon salt
half teaspoon baking powder
90ml warm water

Steamer – the bamboo ones are inexpensive and easy to use
Baking paper – to sit the buns on in the steamer

Pour 90ml warm water into bowl and add quarter teaspoon of dried yeast
Add all the other ingredients and stir with wooden spoon. With this slightly drier dough, you will also need to mix it with your hands, briefly, until there are no dry patches in the bowl.
Place in an oiled bowl and cover with clingfilm and teacloth.
Leave for 12 to 14 hours
The small quantity of yeast will work its way effectively through the dough. Don’t be tempted to increase the quantity, as this will shorten the time you can leave the dough to rise.
When the dough has risen, tip it onto a lightly oiled or floured, flat surface
Cut it into 4 pieces and knead each into a ball
You can then flatten these into disks about 1cm thick
Brush top with a little oil and fold into a semi circle (mine sprang open) and place on square of baking paper.
Leave to prove for 2 hours, leaving space between each bun. Cover in clingfilm and teacloth.
When they have risen, prepare a pan of boiling water (they will rise further whilst steaming)
Put buns on their paper disks into the steamer, allowing space for further rising. You will probably need to do these in batches. My steamer held two
Put steamer over boiling water and set timer for 8 minutes
Remove steamer and take out buns. They remain quite pale, but are cooked
Open each bun and fill with savoury filling of your choice

It did strike me on tasting these soft pillows of dough that they may also be suitable for sweet versions.