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Staffordshire oatcakes (Chesterfield Version)


225g Wholemeal FLour
225g Oatmeal (fine) I cant buy it so get any I can and put it in a hand blender for a few seconds works well to get it fine.
5g Yeast
10g salt
500g warm water
500g Warm Milk


Whisk together and stand (covered) for about 1 hour.

Using a heavy hot pan wipe with a little oil and add a ladle of batter by tilting pan get it to cover the inside base, dont handle the oatcake till the surface changes from wet to dry then using a spatula flip the oatcake over and cook the other side about a minute, flip the oatcake onto a plate and stack them up.

I get 12/13 oatcakes from this recipe.

They do freeze well I wait till they cool and interleave them with split polybag to prevent them sticking together, to use a frozen oatcake I use a hot dry pan and turn it a few times you can use a splash of oil in the pan if you prefer to fry.