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Staffordshire Oatcakes


  • 225 g. plain white flour
  • 225 g. fine or medium oatmeal
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1 x 7g. Sachet easy bake yeast or 25g fresh yeast
  • 450 ml warm milk
  • 450 ml warm water


(Makes about 15)

Mix flour oatmeal & dry yeast together. (Or rub in fresh yeast).

Gradually stir in both liquids, mix till smooth.

Cover bowl, leave in warm place for an hour till bubbling. Room temperature is usually fine.

Heat pan or griddle, very lightly grease if not non stick.

Pour using ladle, spreading with base to 9 or 10 inches.

Flip over when top is set & bubbles burst. Cook the other side. They should be soft not crisp.

Place on clean tea towels to cool.

Freeze with interleaving when cold.


My Grandmother!