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Sponge cake without baking powder


6 eggs
240g Soft cake and pastry organic flour
240g of caster sugar
3 Tbsp of oil (sunflower or rapeseed the best, you can use any but avoid strong tasting oils)
3 Tbsp of water
Optional: vanilla essence or vanilla extract – add according to your taste
You can modify this recipe for chocolate sponge and coconut sponge by substituting a part of the flour for either cocoa powder or coconut flakes.


Make sure all the ingredients are of room temperature. Preheat your oven on 165C using fan. If you wish to have a nice round sponge cake, leave the sides of your baking mould without any oil and put baking paper only on the bottom of the mould. Separate the egg whites from yolks and keep the yolks in separate container for later use. Start to whisk the egg whites and after you see there is a little foam forming add all the sugar. Keep whisking until the egg whites are firm and fluffy. I use my stand mixer on the highest speed and using that it takes approx. 10 minutes. Meanwhile mix in a container the water and oil. When the egg white’s meringue is ready add 1 table spoon of water-oil mix one by one and stir it in the meringue slowly allowing to incorporate each Tbsp of the mix well before adding another one. When you finish all of the oil-water mix, start to add egg yolks one by one allowing to incorporate each egg yolk completely before adding another one. Then, add the vanilla extract or essence and then stir in carefully flour (or flour mix, if you wish to modify to chocolate or coconut sponge). I stir the flour in on the lowest speed of my stand mixer. Then pour the batter into your mould and bake for 30-40 min. First check after 10mins of baking, so the batter will not fall down. Then check once a while if the sponge is not browning. After 30mins of baking check with toothpick, if it comes out clean, the sponge is ready. Otherwise, keep it for 5mins more and then check again. Let it cool on rack for a while and then take carefully out of the mould. Maybe you will need to carefully go around the edges with sharp knife to separate from the mould. After taking out of the mould let it to cool down completely on the rack. Decorate to your liking.