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Spelt Flour Flatbread


- 2 Cups of White Organic Spelt Flour

- 1/2 Cup Warm Water as needed

- Pinch of Salt


To make 5 flatbreads

1) In a large bowl stir the flour and salt together

2) Slowly add the warm water, until dough is formed (similar to pizza dough)

3) Separate the dough into 5 individual round balls

4) Flatten the round dough balls with your hands, then sprinkle some Spelt flour onto both sides of the slightly flattened dough

5) Now flatten the dough into a flatbread with a rolling pin, turning the sides over until formed into a round shape

6) Cook both sides on a hot frying pan until brown spots appear on both sides

7) Follow this proceedure for the next 4 dough balls

8) Wahey, you'll have your tasty flatbreads! :)